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Dr Shoghik Hakobyan


Postdoctoral Researcher Characterisation of Polymer Coatings Adhering to Bioceramics


Characterisation of Polymer Coatings Adhering to Bioceramics

The project will explore the characterisation of polymer coatings adhering to the surface of bioceramics such as hydroxyapatite. The methodology allowing the reproducible quantification of the coating stability and bioceramic remodelling will be developed and a number of parameters controlling the stability of such interfaces will be studied. Interests My interests and activities are interdisciplinary and range from the surface modifications and characterizations to organic synthesis and study of bioactive metal complexes. I moved to UK from Sweden, where I did my PhD in the group of Madeleine  Ramstedt at Umea University. The research was focused on the design and fabrication of multi-functional anti-biofilm surface coatings for biomedical applications.


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